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How to setup Zoom Integration in Edrevel

Step 1

Sign into using SSO or Email address.

Navigate to the advanced settings under ADMIN on the left-side panel and open the App Marketplace. This action will open a new page in a separate tab.

Step 3

Hover over the Developer drop down at the top right side and click the “ Build App “.

Step 4

Name your app and choose “Server to Server OAuth” as the app type. Click “Create” to proceed to app setup details.

Step 5

Follow these steps for setup:

  • View Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret in the App Credentials section.
  • Provide the basic information and the Developer Contact Information in the Information section.
  • Configure the tokens and the event notifications in the Feature tab.
  • In the Scopes tab, update following scopes

a. Meeting

  • Meeting:read:meeting:admin,
  • meeting:read:list_upcoming_meetings:admin
  • Meeting:update:meeting:admin,
  • meeting:delete:meeting:admin,
  • Meeting:write:meeting:admin.

b. User

  • user:read:user:admin,
  • user:read:user:master,
  • User:write:user:admin”

Save the Scopes and click “Continue” to proceed to Activation.

Step 6

Activate the app. Your Zoom account is now ready to integrate with Edrevel.

Step 7

Integrate zoom in to the Edrevel

1. Go to the “App Credentials” section in zoom meeting configuration, copy the keys from this page.

2. Paste the credentials in Edrevel app under the academy setting

3. Navigate to the Schedule tab and click the “+ New schedule” button

4. Choose the Zoom option under “Add Video Conferencing Link,” which will display Zoom configuration options such as “Generate Automatically” and “Personal Meeting.”

5. Use the “Generate Automatically” option can customise the configuration in a popup

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